Helping you through every step of your educational planning

Educational Planning Broken Down For you

Student Assessments

“That’s a real career?”

Our student clients have the opportunity to take assessments on their work interests, personality, leisure interests, values, and skills which will help them uncover interests and passions that transfer into real-world jobs that they might not have known existed.

You may roll your eyes at the hours you think your child “wastes” on video games, but what if that hobby translates into a career that calls for terrific hand/eye coordination and attention to detail? Your student will love seeing job possibilities unfold before them along with current average salaries in those fields.

Interactive College Search Tools

“I never dreamed that was an option…I can check every box?”

Search our comprehensive database of over 3,400 U.S. colleges and universities by screening for your preferences in descriptors like types of colleges, majors, types of location, enrollment and costs, test scores and selectivity, and athletics and activities.

Want a small, private college in a big city where you can study Economics and indulge your loves of intramural volleyball and writing for the school paper…without breaking the bank? We’ve got you covered!

Database of Need-based Aid, Merit Scholarships, Expected Starting Salaries and Projected Student Loan Payments

“Can you help me plug into all the important questions I have about the schools on my list?”

Which institutions are the most generous with financial aid? Did you know that some schools offer no merit-based scholarships?

Wouldn’t you love to know which school is going to give you the most “bang for your buck” by comparing first-year starting salaries for that Chemistry degree?

What kind of monthly student loan payment can I expect if I graduate from that school? You’ve come to the right place! Heidi can help you answer all those questions and more.

FAFSA Review

“Please, please, help me make sense of this!”

Most people think filling out the FAFSA is more confusing than filing their income taxes. And, come to think of it, how many Americans pay someone to do their taxes for them?

Save your FAFSA and let Heidi review it with you to make sure it’s accurate and that you’re employing the most advantageous strategies in listing assets and income in the right “buckets” to lead to getting the highest awards possible.

Award Letters Analysis

“Getting from apples and oranges to a clear-cut answer.”

Scholarships, loans, work-study…all in different amounts…and how do these schools stack up anyway?

We take a “deep dive” and get rid of the confusion to help you make sense of your student’s various award amounts and help you get to the bottom line on which school makes the most sense for your family.

Maximizing Outcomes

“Is that your best offer?”

Most families think offer letters are inscribed in stone and “settling for second best” is just part of the process. Heidi knows how to assist you in working towards results that are second to none.

Financial and Tax Planning

“Ok, now how do we pay for it?”

Maybe you’re a high-earning, high net-worth family and you expect to pay “full freight” for your child’s education…are you just out of luck? Absolutely not!

Heidi has earned the National Institute of College Planners CCPS (Certified College Planning Specialist) which positions her as an expert in advanced financial and tax strategies to help you best pay for college.

Comprehensive College Planning Package

“We need all that and the kitchen sink!”

Sit back and lean into a specially-trained expert guiding your whole extended family through the unknown complexities of preparing to send your young person off on what promises to be one of the greatest adventures of their lives thus far.

Imagine handing off the headaches and the jumble of options and worry to a trusted advisor who is credentialed as a fiduciary, always putting the interests of her clients above those of herself.

No advisor for hundreds of miles has the professional college planning designations that Heidi has along with the expertise of almost twenty years of financial planning experience.

Heidi is the right person to help you navigate the experience, start to finish.