Our Clients

At Huiskamp Collins', our clients' needs are our first priority

Someone once said "It takes a Village."

The Student

“Look, Mom, I’m a Hawkeye!…or a Bee!…or a Fighting Illini!”

You’ve been dreaming of this day for as long as you can remember: freedom, new people, new challenges and experiences. It’s there within reach, but you have so many questions: “What will I study?”, “What kind of college experience do I want?”, “Can I get into my top choice school?”

Heidi can help you find your answers and assist your family with all the many puzzle pieces that will result in the college reality you’ve always envisioned. Let’s start with some fun assessments through Focus 2 Explore, a powerful tool used by Heidi to do a deep dive into your strengths and interests to reveal majors and career options that weren’t even on your radar. You can even investigate salary ranges in those careers by state and find projections of job growth in those areas by the time you’re set to graduate.

Next, drill down into our complete database of 3,400 U.S. colleges and universities to screen and find matches to your individual school preferences like types of colleges, majors, types of location, enrollment and costs, test scores and selectivity and athletics and activities. Mix and match, sift and sort; you’ll love finding the schools that possess all the things that will “light you up”!

The Parent

“I’m overwhelmed! Where do I start?”

I hear you and I feel your pain. I was once a single mom of two soon-to-be college students and I can close my eyes and remember the turmoil and stress of that time. I made it to the other side and now I have the nationally-recognized expertise of a credentialled Certified College Planning Specialist (CCPS) and almost twenty years of experience as a financial planner to help you navigate the process so you don’t need to go it alone.

Help with the FAFSA so you’re assured your family receives the highest awards possible? The ability to access a database of over 3,400 colleges and universities that details expected annual attendance costs, need-based aid available, the existence of merit scholarships, first-year starting salaries by major at each school and projected monthly student loan payments? Analysis of various college award letters to make sense of who’s offering your student the best package?

Help with contesting the bottom line extended by a particular school? Showing you the most advantageous saving, tax-planning and investment planning strategies to pay for it all? Leave it to Heidi; she has you covered. And please know that she is a fiduciary, always putting the interests of her clients ahead of those of her own.

The Grandparent

“I’d do anything for my grandchild. How do I help?”

You gazed on him or her as a newborn miracle, gave them piggyback rides, attended the dance recitals, and were their biggest cheerleader from the bleachers. Now you want to know if you can take part in setting them up for success on this next journey into adulthood.

Heidi knows that grandparents and other loving adults are afforded some great saving, investing and tax-planning opportunities to contribute to helping fund your young person’s college dream. Let her review and coach you on those strategies to make college more affordable for your loved one.