Financial and Educational Planning

College Planner in Moline, IL

At Huiskamp Collins Educational Planning, LLC, many of our educational and financial planning customers come from Moline. With over 40 years of active investment experience, Heidi Huiskamp Collins brings a lot of knowledge to the table.

If you live in Moline and are looking for a college planner near your home, please know that the team at Huiskamp Collins Educational Planning, LLC would love to guide you towards your goals. Assisting your student to choose a course of study that best reflects their interests and strengths, “making sense of the crazy” that is the FAFSA form, analyzing award letters from schools, and helping your family figure out how to pay for it all…Heidi can help with all that and more.

As a college planning and investment advisor assisting clients in Moline, Heidi Huiskamp Collins and the team at Huiskamp Collins College Planning, LLC believes in giving back to the community. Heidi served two 4-year terms at the Two Rivers YMCA and is currently on their Board of Trustees. She was honored to be named the 2018 YMCA Annual Campaign Chairperson. Leading the charge to raise funds to change lives among Moline’s citizens warms Heid’s heart! Additionally, Heidi made a transformational gift in 2021 to the Moline Police Department and the Center for Youth and Family Solutions to fund their joint efforts to have social workers join police officers on calls in an effort to provide better outcomes in our community.