College Planning Myth #4

“My Child is an Amazing Athlete!  All That Sports Investment Will Really Pay Off in a Division I Full-Ride Scholarship!” We adore our children and they are all special in their unique ways.  In my practice, though, I have met many parents of high school student-athletes who know the endless weekends spent traveling to tournaments, […]

 College Planning Myth #3

There are Tons of Private Scholarships that Go Unclaimed Every Year and They Will Take Care of My Student’s Funding Needs I’ve heard it in the soccer stands, from high school counselors, and even from “professionals” in the college consulting space: private scholarships are the key to helping your student pay for the college experience […]

College Planning Myth #2

“Pursue Any Major You Want as Long as it’s at a Name-Brand School” This column is as painful to write as it is to read as a loving, supportive parent.  We want the best for our kids.  We love them to the moon and back and want to support their dreams.  But we need to […]

College Planning Myth #1

“It’s the school, Stupid!” Both college-bound students and their parents are guilty: future career success and life happiness are dependent on getting into one of the highly-selective schools listed at the top of the annual U.S. News & World Reports list.  Guess what?  The research bears out that it just isn’t so. Challenge Success is […]

The “Down & Dirty” on the U.S. College Rankings Game

Daughter and Mom moving into college dorm

We start them early and are “all in” on preparing our kiddos to rise to the top and secure a coveted spot at an elite school after high school graduation so that their “launch” will be to a prestigious job and an amazing life.  Come on, we all do it.  No shame.  I’m a parent […]

When Loving Adults Want To Help A Student With College Funding

You remember their birth and the first time that tiny bundle was thrust into your arms to hold.  You played piggyback, attended the ballet recitals, and cheered from the sidelines at the soccer games.  Now she or he is all grown up and looking forward to the greatest adventure thus far in their young lives: […]

The “Down and Dirty” on 529 Plans

529 or qualified tuition plans are a great savings tool, but they are often misunderstood.  Few people know there are actually two types of plans that do two very different things.  The original 529 plan, rarely employed these days, is something called a prepaid tuition plan.  An adult (the account holder) purchases “units” or actual […]

HELP! Do I Want a 529 Plan or a Coverdell ESA for My College Savings?

529 plans and Coverdell ESAs (Education Savings Accounts) are terrific savings vehicles introduced by the U.S. federal government to help families save for educational expenses.  They both provide tax-advantaged ways for loved ones to prepare for school outlays for their students but do so in vastly different ways that we’ll explore here. Prior to the […]